PasteuriserPasteurisation unit is the heart of a food processing plant. It ensures the heating process according to the technological requirements.

Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser is used to produce a wide range of products such as; milk, cream, brine, fruit juice, egg, ketchup, mayyonnaise, beer, honey, vegetable oils and ice cream mix.

Tekno-therm intelligent pasteurisers are in variable capacity from 1.000 L/h to 60.000 L/h.

Depending on the individual production requirements, a wide range of machinery can be coupled with the Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser such as; deaerator, bacteria clarifier, cream seperator, automatic standardization unit, homogeniser and holder.

The know-how of Teknoproses engineers and the well-proven GEA components ensure excellent performance.

The effects of Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser on your product quality;

• Minimizes the risk of human error with high automation level

• Obtain food safety

• Full traceability

• Standard product quality

Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser does the following steps with a SINGLE TOUCH

• Automatic water reception

• Sanitation

• Get the thermal program according to the selected product

• Automatic product receiving

• Automatic CIP after process











With the Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser every step of the process is registered in data log.

• Temperature

• Flow rate

• Pressure

• Product-hot water temperature difference

• CIP data

Body components:

• Shuttle valve

• Hot water PHE

• Touch panel

• Frame

• Plate

• Sliding Element

• Temperature Transmitter

• Flowmeter

• Hygienic Balance Tank

• Centrifugal Pump

Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser – Energy Saving

• The heat recovery up to 95%

• Minimum steam, water and electricity consumption

• Shorter start-up time

• Longer running time

• Automatic CIP

Tekno-therm intelligent pasteuriser – High Safety Level

• Pasteurizer has standard safety devices that provide higher pressure on the pasteurized product side. There is no risk of un-pasteurised product mix into pasteurized product.