• Pre-heated milk skimming

• Pre-heated milk standardization

• Milk clarification

• Pre-heated and filtered whey skimming

• Cream Seperator




• Base casing in painted cast-iron

• Centrifugal clutch (replaceable linings)

• Oil bath drive gear

• IP55 version motor;

• Motor protection cover in stainless steel

• Complete bowl in high resistance stainless steel

• Upper casing in stainless steel

• Sediment collector and discharge system in stainless steel

• 2 centripetal pumps for pressure discharging of the two separated phases (skimmed milk and cream)

• Pressure gauges for regulating the backpressure

• Skimmed milk outflow

• Cream outflow

• Product feed

• Micrometric regulating valves in stainless steel

• Washing pipes and taps in stainless steel

• Spare gaskets and disks

• Special tools, carter oil and basic outfit



The machine is designed to be connected with an automated chemical washing system (C.I.P.), but it can be washed semi automatically by using the constant level wash water tank. All parts in contact with the product, the internal part of the cover, the collector and the sediment outflow area are washed and sanitized automatically without manual disassembly of the unit.