Tubular Heating & Cooling Exchangers

Tubular heat exchangers are specially designed to heat treat high viscosity products and products containing particles, fiber and fiber. Tubular heat exchangers are mainly used for heating, cooling, pasteurization and UHT work. It is specially designed according to the required product capacity and product features.

It is a straight pipe with one or more pipes in the tubular heat exchangers. The inner pipes are located in a body. Pipes inside are corrugated pipes to increase heat transfer area. Folds and optimized product / media volume ratio may increase according to the thermal efficiency of the heat exchangers. Modular design ensures easy assembly, addition and replacement.
Usage areas are very wide. Some of them are below;

Dairy Industry
• Milk and cream pasteurization
• UHT Processes
• Milk and cream cooling
• Heat applications in yogurt process
• Yogurt cooling (Fruit Yogurt etc.)
• Heating of boiler milk
• Quark cheese milk heat applications
• Quark cooling
• Cıp unit

Fruit Juice Industry
Heating and cooling of the following:
• Fruit and vegetable particles
• Fruit and vegetable purees
Fibrous juices
• Fruit juices with fruit particles
• Fruit puree juices
• Concentrates
• Flavors

Food Industry
• Pasteurization of eggs and egg products
• Ketchup pasteurization
• Cooling of eggs and egg products
• Mustard cooling
• Heating and cooling of sauces
• Heating and cooling of oils
• Mash heating and cooling
• Heating and cooling of desserts
• In heat treatment of foods that can be transferred by pump