Valve Cluster & Automation

Valve Cluster, which is an indispensable element of the highest level of automation and hygiene facilities, is one of the automation elements that Teknoproses Engineering specially designed for customer needs with its high engineering quality. As Teknoproses Engineering, we design Valve Cluster according to customer needs and we make automation integration by assembling the field after production.
In Valve Clusters

  • Mixproof GEA valves are used with ASI protocol connection system.
  • These valves are manufactured from solid bodies obtained from CNC machines,
  • Wall Thickness: Min 6mm,
  • Elastomers in Contact with the Product: Phthalate_Free test,
  • Pressure Contact with Elastomers: Migration_Free test,
  • Pressure Strength: Can be designed according to the needs between 5-20 bars,
  • Surfaces in Contact with the Product: Under the smoothness value of Ra 0.8 µm,
  • Easy to clean (CIP) and evacuated sphere bodies,
  • Long-life V-Ring Disc Elastomers are available,
  • Normally Closed to Normally Open They are EHEDG Hygienic Design certificate Valves with Material Analysis (3.1) and Material Approval (2.2) certificates, which can be turned easily without any additional parts.
  • In addition, the need to keep spare parts in the facility is reduced with only 3 different actuator options such as DN15-DN65, DN80-100, DN125-150.